Lead Generation

  • Lead Generation
    We're here to see you succeed. Our strategic Adword and lead generation programs generate the leads you deserve.

Pay for leads, not ads or meaningless click-throughs! Denver Marketing Group is proud to be a pioneer in pay-per-lead marketing. We utilize a proprietary platform that allows us to distribute internet advertising campaigns to tens of thousands of internet advertising sellers, locally or nationally, that target your vertical markets. The amazing part of this program is that you only pay when you get leads or conversions! This cutting edge program is only available through Denver Marketing Group.

Google Adword campaigns on the other hand, are complex, tedious, and powerful if done correctly.  We have perfected the process of Adword campaign development and monitoring to deliver much higher than average ROI than traditional marketing.  Although we prefer pay-per-lead marketing, we may recommend an Adwords campaign to gain market insight, promote a special offer or gain traffic.